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The K1 Speed Diet: Losing Weight by Go-Karting

12 July 2018

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The Science

With my curiosity piqued, I went on Google to see if there was any science out there to back up my plan. Among the results, I found the karting magazine “VROOM”, did a study last year where they hooked up indoor kart racers in England to heart rate monitoring systems, and determined you burn 358 calories every half hour of karting – that’s 40% more than jogging! Armed with this information, I knew what I had to do next: go on a K1 Speed Diet!


The Plan of Attack: Weeks 1 and 2

Prior to starting, I weighed myself to see what I’m trying to knock down. The scale was cruel – I’m currently carrying around 230lbs, a full 40 pounds heavier than I’d like to be. I don’t expect to lose anywhere close to 40 pounds this month, but if I can lose 5lbs, I’ll be pretty happy as I’ll be on track to lose what I need to by the time I assume the groom position.


Since I’m karting on Irvine’s Track 2 before we open for business, our live scoring system will not be on. Therefore, I’m going out in 10-minute sessions timed by the cheap watch I picked up on Amazon  (the average time it takes to complete a race) – three sessions to be exact, in order to complete a perfect half hour session.  I’m only doing this for three days the first week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday), then four times (Mon-Thurs) the next three weeks.


Keep in mind, what I do each day can be done during our weekday special, when you can score three races at a discounted price. Just a little tip for you folks out there.  



I’m going to weigh myself every Friday and see what progress has been made. For the first two weeks, I’m going to eat like I usually do – a mismatched balance of slightly-healthy items and heart-attacks on a plate. During the week, I typically eat a greek yogurt for breakfast, a turkey sandwich I made at home for lunch with a bag of chips, and anything from burgers and pizza to salmon or some kind of rice bowl for dinner. And then there’s usually something small for dessert – this week it’s been a chocolate babka I’ve been chiseling away at.


How It’s Going So Far:

I’m done with the first week and I’m going through what anyone goes through when become active again after a lapse – a lot of muscle fatigue and soreness. I’ve completed a full hour and a half of karting in three days, so feel like that’s understandable.


The fatigue doesn’t really hit you until you’ve stopped racing for a moment and you’re just sitting in the kart. Then you slowly start feeling the aches and you can feel the blood pumping through your head in surges. My hands and elbows are where I was feeling the sorest.


After doing an hour worth of karting two days in a row, I began to experience some wear on my hands – little blister here, little tenderness there – so I  looked into some K1 RaceGear karting gloves before my third day.   I ended up getting a pair of K1 RaceGear RS1 Kart Racing Gloves , which can be purchased online at K1RaceGear.com or at your local K1 Speed center. I was surprised at how much difference just a glove can make while racing our karts. The gloves provided plenty of comfort, so I no longer was distracted by any pain in my hands while marathoning these races, and instead could focus on hitting my apexes and carrying more speed into the corners. The gloves may not be necessary if you do a race or two here and there, but if you’re an avid kart racer and you haven’t picked up a set of karting gloves, I highly recommend taking a gander at K1 RaceGear’s selection.


I do feel like I’ve got a bit more energy already, and I get that “runner’s high” rush of serotonin that makes you feel like a million bucks after exercising.   At the end of the week, it looks like I may have dropped a half a pound off my weight – not tremendous, but then again my food diet has remained a mix of healthy/no comment and it tends to take some time for my body to realize I’m working out and has permission to go with the pound-shedding. So I’m remaining fairly positive.


What’s Next?

I think we’ll see more progress during Week 2, and I’ll be sure to keep you all posted about my progress at the end of next week, so stay glued to this blog!


Want to offer advice or encouragement? I’d love to hear it! Leave me a comment below, and I’ll respond!   Until then, why don’t you give it a shot yourself? Again, you can save some bucks if you race Monday through Thursday and get three races as part of our weekday special (currently $42 at most centers – a more exciting alternative to one of those fancy boutique spin classes all over Southern California).


Week Two Update


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