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K1NG of Speed Competition Coming to Every Center!

09 August 2018

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So, you think you’re the fastest driver at your local center? Well now is the time to prove it in equal machinery. There won’t be any excuses – just go as fast as you can.


For the very first time, we’re hosting a K1NG of Speed tournament at every center in the US on Thursday, September 13th, at 7:30pm to see who the fastest drivers at each center are!


Here’s how this unique competition works:

The tournament begins with a total of 16 drivers. These drivers are then randomly placed into eight different pairs of two that will compete against each other in two 14-lap heats. After the end of the first heat, the paired drivers will swap go-karts with each other, and will then go out for their second heat of 14 laps in their rival’s kart. The driver with the best average time from the two heats and two karts will advance to the next round. As you can see, it’ll be the driver that really makes the difference since you’ll be driving the same equipment.


The next round includes the 8 remaining drivers who will be paired up once more to compete in two 12 lap heats utilizing the same elimination format as the first round. From there, the remaining four drivers will compete in two 10-lap races to determine the top-two drivers. Those top-two drivers will then compete for maximum bragging rights in two 8-lap heats. The driver with the fastest average of those two heats will be the K1NG of Speed!


As you see, each driver will run at least two 14-lap races. If you’re fast enough, you’ll enjoy even more racing for the same price!


The Prize:

And get this: the K1NG of Speed at each center will receive a TEN-RACE PACKAGE valued at $220! Wow!


The buy-in is just $50, and with only 16 spots available, we expect these events to fill up sooner rather than later. So, make sure you CALL or VISIT your local center to sign up for this event as soon as possible!

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  • Martin J

    Already signed up and ready to go

    • Staff Writer

      That’s great to hear, Martin! Thanks for signing up, and best of luck in the competition!

  • Lora Phillips

    Question…Is this the King of Speed that you need to win in order to compete in the K1 World Championship? I thought I read somewhere that King of Speed for each center, then all the winners from that state race then move on to Cali. Thanks in advance for your time.

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Lora! This is a standalone event, separate from the World Championship. However, the World Championship will utilize the exact same format – so if you want to get practice in for the World Championship, be sure to register for this K1NG of Speed!

  • Damian Edwards

    Any word on if this format will be brought to junior karts too? Might help to finally eliminate all the “but I got the slow kart!?” comments in Junior League

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Damian! I think it definitely would help eliminate that! That’s the genius behind this competition – it removes some typical driver excuses. A junior event is being considered. If we end up giving it the green flag, you’ll be sure to see it announced here on our site!

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